Setting the new standard for entry door security

TYTO upgrades security and performance of your door system through a patented continuous contact locking system. Improve your entry system performance with TYTO rather than a multi-point lock.

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The entryway of a home with the door open. The door has the TYTO lock system on the lock.

Withstands wind speeds


Greater contact than deadbolt


Reduction in airflow


Patents issued

The future of entry security

Security that homeowners can trust

With the TYTO system, you’re able to provide best in class security across popular door styles, handlesets, even electronic locks to your customers.

A picture of the door lock with three points next to it: Design flexibility, sleek edge, and invisible deisgn.
An animated gif of the door locking system locking in place and unlocking.
The new standard

Continuous contact
locking system

TYTO locks the edge of the door slab with the door frame for unrivaled strength and reliability. With TYTO, you can count on:

Shorter cycle times vs. multipoint

Coastal, wind, and security performance

Simple and smooth operation

Reduced risk of warping or customer call-backs

TYTO-Exclusive features

Enhance your entry door offering with TYTO

Unbreakable security

TYTO surpasses the highest levels of industry benchmark tests including ASTM F476-14. We’ve not been able to break the TYTO lock as TYTO outperforms multi-points and deadbolts on every test.

Easy & simple to use

TYTO works just like a deadbolt — without requiring any speciality installation training. A standard key throws the lock, making it easy for homeowner use.

Industry best performance

TYTO’s design promotes durability and function. With TYTO, you’ll achieve a 40%+ reduction in air infiltration, nearly unbreakable security, and DP-135. Plus, the rigid box design on both the door edge and jamb provides perfect alignment and lifelong warp resistance, even on 8' doors.

Give your customers choice of handlesets & locks

TYTO’s innovative and open system integrates with a wide variety of handleset brands and styles, including Schlage, Baldwin, Defiant, and Kwikset. Your customers can select the style and finish of their choosing.

Beautiful design

With TYTO, we’ve made security beautiful with a stunning door edge design, a polished matching Latch and integrated strike plate. TYTO completes any door style or finish.

Stands up to any setting

TYTO performs in every environment. A standard inswing door holds up the most extreme conditions in coastal and wind zones. And urban customers will enjoy noise reduction, enhanced security and weather protection in every climate.

Easy installation

TYTO can be easily installed at a pre hang shop with a much shorter cycle time than a multipoint. TYTO is compatible with standard frames and wood edge door slabs, 71” or 90” slab heights and 1 3/8 or 1 3/4 backsets. Nearly any door style can work with TYTO.


We look forward to discussing pricing and availability with you. Stop overspending on outdated multi-points and let’s explore how a TYTO upgrade can benefit your entry offerings.